Ballendary Farm




Horse Boarding

Ballendary Farm Facilities

*3 Separate Barns
   16 stall training barn with office/tack room/training track
   17 stall block barn (owner occupied)
   4 stall stud barn (leased out)

* Large Matted 12X12 box stalls with stall guards, blanket bars in front of each stall, well ventilated

* Spacious tack room with lockers, bridle racks and saddle racks.

* Training track for inclimate weather riding, exercising or training.

* 17 acre turn out pasture. Mixed herd. Three strand electric rope fencing.

* 1/4 mile race track conveniently located behind the training barn.

* Trails on the property, ride to the Canal or take a 15 minute trailer ride to Fair Hill!

Boarding Information

Our quality horse boarding service is top notch!  We offer the best quality feed and hay!

Full Care Board- Includes 12X12 matted stall, bedded with sawdust or straw (extra) and cleaned daily. Fed twice daily (Fibergized Omega, Strategy or Equine Senior)- see nutritional information below. Daily turnout (weather permitted) with quality round bales. Bi-monthly worming using the "Safe-Guard" method. $ 375 per month.

Self Care Board- Includes 12X12 matted stall, daily turnout, bi-monthly worming using the "Safe-Guard" method. Owner responsible for purchasing feed, hay, bedding and doing their own feedings/cleaning. $200 per month.


* Custom Order Feed- For horses that have "special diets", owner will be responsible to purchase their own feed if the horse cannot have our supplied feed.

* Owner-supplied Supplements- Horse owners may purchase supplements. If barn manager must add supplements the charge is $10 extra per month. Owners may use "ziploc baggies" to mix (dry) supplements to be added daily for no extra charge!

* Blanketing/Fly Masks or Wraps/Boots or Application of Fly Spray (summer months) is included in the board cost!

* Grooming, exercise rides, lay ups, medication- inquire within for fees!



All the benefits of Fibregized, with additional fat sources from soy oil, stabilized rice bran and flax meal, all excellent sources of omega fatty acids known to aid the health of many systems in the body.
    Crude Protein (min) - 12%
    Crude Fat (min) - 12.5%
    Crude Fiber (max.) - 15.5%




Guaranteed Analysis      Crude Protein, %  14%      Crude Fat, %  6.0%      Fiber, %  12.5%      Calcium, minimum %  1.0%      Calcium, maximum %  1.3%      Phosphorus, minimum %  .60%      Copper  80 PPM      Zinc  280 PPM      Vit. A, IU/lb  3000      Selenium  .6 PPM


Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min)  14% Lysine (min)  0.7% Fat (min)  5.5% Fiber (max)  17% Calcium (min)  0.6% Calcium (max)  0.8% Phosphorus (min)  0.40% Copper (min)  55 ppm Selenium (min)  0.3 ppm Zinc (min)  220 ppm Vitamin A (min)  3500 IU/lb Vitamin E (min)  140 IU/lb